Molotov Solutions introduces new features in the Back Office Page Manager

Let’s welcome new features in the Back Office page manager! 

Why is this good news? Because we are moving towards a full CMS approach where our customers can have full control over the entire content of the main pages on their own, without having to ask.

Our customers are inaugurating this new functionality and can now:

  • Enable / disable predefined carousels (current, categories, …).
  • Compose custom carousels of programs or episodes
  • Order the carousels in the page
  • Order the elements of a custom carousel
  • Edit carousel titles, and translate them!
  • Change the layout: grid or carousel
  • Create page versions by region for local editorial. 

In conclusion, more functionality, more ease, more control. This is also the Molotov Solutions experience!


As an example, an OTT platform with presence in several countries uses these back office functionalities on a daily basis to highlight its carousels according to hot events from the political news. For instance, a week of elections is an opportunity to highlight debates, political debriefs, documentaries on candidates…

Thanks to these functionalities, he composes his pages instantly by modifying the layout and the titles of the different sections according to the locality of the users in order to get specific content hot topics in a specific region without changing editorial content in another. He also modifies and optimizes the layout in grid or carousel according to the performance of his page.  

In addition, dynamic, algorithm-based carousels can be automatically adjusted based on current trends, category, expiration, new releases, and continued observation. 

Fast and seamless!